A couple of weeks after our governor issued his stay-at-home mandate in March, a sign went up on the marquee of the little theater in the center of my hometown. It read “The Waiting is the Hardest Part – Tom Petty.”  In spite of COVID19 which continues to disrupt lives and waylay carefully laid plans, the process of turning my manuscript into a book moved inexorably along month after month, and now this particular personal period of waiting is over. Friends United Press has released the first mystery in the Pastor and Professor Quaker Mystery series. Today I am holding in my hot little hands, an honest-to-goodness paperback book sporting a charming depiction on the cover of the campus of fictitious Emerick College. The artist is Rebecca Bowman a fellow founding member of Creative Quakers. This delightful group of folks joyously provide ongoing support of each other, as we turn creative impulses into concrete art forms. Thanks to each of you who have hung in there all these years when I Was a Stranger was little more than an exciting what-if…?