Praise for Day of Trouble

The ability to create a ‘villain’ or antagonist who is both pitiful and pitiable is a gift. Too often the ‘heavy’ is a two-dimensional character (or caricature) but there was genuine pathos here.
---A participant in a women’s reading group in Wilmington, OH

I loved getting to know Ruthalice Michels and the campus of Emerick College in I Was a Stranger. And, because Patricia’s descriptions are so complete and vivid, I could not wait to follow Ruthalice’s further adventures while solving the mystery in Day of Trouble. I was not disappointed!
---Kathryn Palmer, potter and writer.

Patricia Thomas weaves just the right amount of intrigue with her endearing storytelling. The result is a book that charms the reader into wanting to know more: about the mystery at hand, the motivations of the characters, and the meaning of it all. I can’t wait to see what the Pastor and the Professor tackle next.
---Amy Lyles Wilson, M.A., M.T.S.; Author; Former writer-in-residence and professor at the Earlham School of Religion


Ruthalice (Ali) Michels, Campus Minister at Emerick College, has been around the pastoral-care block enough times to know that very little in life is as it seems.  When screams from a terrifying nightmare send the campus minister scurrying across campus to the young woman’s dorm room, Ali has no idea she is about to become custodian of the link between a John Doe drowning in the Huron River, and the mysterious stalker lurking about the women’s soccer field on her beloved little campus three-hundred miles away.

As she tugs on the threads which bind the frightened coed, the deceased John Doe and the living, breathing campus stranger together, Ali reaffirms her conviction that a truly engaged life is one lived in that place of shades of grey because almost nothing is black-or-white, and in this particular day of trouble, truth lies buried in the bosom of a drowned man.


The new edition of Day of Trouble is not yet ready for purchase.  I expect it to become available at the Friends United Meeting Bookstore next year. Please check back on this site or on my Facebook page to find out when it will be available.