For the birds

This Saturday (12/5/20) on Patsy’s Porch I am paying tribute to our fine-feathered friends the birds! After worship last Sunday, we shared what we have learned during the pandemic, and mixed in with answers of being reminded how much we humans need each other and how interconnected our world is, was the answer: I have discovered the birds in my back yard!

We shared stories about trips to Wild Birds Unlimited and how much good-quality bird seed costs and the amazing quantity our little feathered friends can consume in a day! And as we shared out “I-saw-this-bird…” stories, I could feel the warmth and happiness in our voices reflecting the joy and gratification feeding the chickadees and sparrows and cardinals and red-headed and red-bellied woodpeckers and nuthatches brings into our lives especially as the days grow shorter, and how much we look forward to the flutter and colorful antics of the birds come morning.

Personally, I am so delighted to have squirrels in my yard after years of living squirrel-less in the country surrounded by dangerously open fields, that I put out peanuts and corn-on-the-cob (gleaned from those dangerously open fields). The squirrels scamper along the top of the wooden fence, leap from branch to branch, much to the annoyance and frustration of my two dogs.

And so we will celebrate with poetry, tales and essays and song the wonderful world of back-yard birds and beyond.