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The Pastor and Professor Quaker Mystery Series is in transition. Friends United Press will soon be releasing new editions of Cast Me Not Away and Day of Trouble. A third title in the series, Murder Under the Fume Hood, is currently in the works.

I will use this site and my Facebook page to announce when the books will be available for purchase. Please stay tuned! In the meantime, explore the links below and the menu above to find out more about me and my books.

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The Week of the Pennington Place Fire begins innocuously enough, but the smoke-filled basement harbors a secret. By the time the clean-up crew discovers a flip-flop in the coal bin, Ruthalice (Ali) Michels is seamlessly dispensing daily doses of pastoral care to the residents of Emerick College while pursuing her own suspicions about the Penn Place Fire.

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After accompanying her professor husband to his professional meetings, Ruthalice (Ali) Michels heads for the riverside park and becomes the sole witness to a drowning. The first in a disturbing sequence of events embroils the campus minister in a maelstrom of competing loyalties.

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With the discovery of a body under the fume hood in Dalton Science Hall, Laboratory #4, Ruthalice (Ali) Michels, campus minister at Emerick College, is drawn deeper and deeper into a sordid ‘this sort of thing never happens at Emerick College’ tragedy.

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